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Jochen Hörger - dipl. arch. iuav sia

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Huggler Architektur

Architekturbüro Gesser ( Beat Geser ) J.Eisering Ag




Christoph Aschwanden
Dip.Bauingenieur HTL/SIA

Gerber Engineering GmbH

Bruno Gerber
Dip.Bauingenieur FH/STV

Hans Gehring

Ingenieur Planer Geometer

Müller Ingenieure AG


Neue Haus AG

Neue Haus AG was established in February 2012 and since then has extended its operations throughout the entire Switzerland. Its operations are mainly focused in Canton Zug and Canton of Zurich, but is not limited to only these. Our company also offers services in many cities in Canton St. Gallen, Canton Aargau, Canton Lucerne, Canton Nidwalden, Canton Thurgau, Canton Grisons (Graubünden) and in the east of Canton Basel and Canton Bern. We take pride in delivering quality in a timely manner and are happy to have created a satisfied customer base over the past years. In order to guarantee an excellent service, all projects are supervised from the start to finish by one project manager. Additionally, we have created a vast and diverse supplier network, who have already gone through a meticulous selection process based on their quality and responsiveness. This enables us to provide our clients plenty of available options while respecting the given deadlines.

The company’s initial focus was the trade of building material before starting to offer Scaffolding services. During this time, we took our time to absorb the expertise and network with different architects, subcontracting companies, civil engineers and construction management companies. This allowed us to study the market and understand customers’ needs. After our knowledge had matured enough, we jumped into a more challenging and riskier undertaking: project management.

Now, Neue Haus offers a well-rounded range of services and products in the construction industry. We have three main lines of services: scaffolding, building materials and construction management. All of our lines of services are combined in order to provide an end-to-end solution with Neue Haus AG quality mark to our satisfied clients.

At this point in time we have over 50 employees and 250 extern covering multiple professions such as: architects, site foremen, civil engineers, crane operators, carpenter, plumber, electrician, painter, plasterer and so on. Upon availability we hire a great number of subcontractors who work closely and are supervised by Lika AL employees at all times.

Our expertise and commitment to high quality is what differentiates our Company. We offer extensive know-how of the industry combined with high quality services. Customer requirements are taken seriously and delivered with highest priority.